• Increase your store conversions
  • Offer an Amazon like delivery experience
  • Reduce your abandoned carts
Introducing Localli

Localli operates a network of micro-fulfilment spaces across the country in major cities, down to your nearest neighborhood.

How it works

Same-day delivery
in 3-simple steps.

1. Connect & send inventory

Install our app and connect your store. Import your products and send your inventory to any of our facilities or your most popular delivered city.

2. We sort and store

Our team will sort and store your inventory at our micro-fulfilment centers positioned conveniently near your customers.

3. Shipped & delivered within hours

Once an order is placed, we pack and send your order out using local courier partners. All tracked conveniently through your custom tracking page.

Custom Branded Tracking Page.

Customize your tracking page and create unique upsell experiences within one page to increase your retention rate. You can also track your sales generated from the tracking page in our beautiful dashboard.

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Affordable delivery without the wait.

For the same price as most standard shipping options, it’s time to upgrade your customer purchasing experience and increase your conversion rates, today!

Expanding to a city near you.

Localli is growing every month to offer delivery to your customers in as little as 2-hours. As we expand, so do you.

Currently operating: Los Angeles and Miami


Frequently asked questions.

Deliveries are usually made within 4-hours or less depending on traffic, order volume, etc..

Not at all! We charge a flat fee of $12 to deliver the customers order within a 10 mile radius of a Localli fulfilment center.

Currently, we’re operating in Miami & Los Angeles but are opening new fulfilment spaces quickly. Our goal is to position a fulfilment center in each major city, down to your nearest neighborhood.

Our application is built for Shopify and it’s checkout menu. Once you install our app, all the user has to do is type in their address and our AI will determine whether or not the customer is eligible for same-day delivery based on several factors like product availability in the specific fulfilment center, delivery radius, etc..

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Localli is growing every month to offer delivery to your customers in as little as 2-hours. As we expand, so do you.

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Launching Summer 2021.

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